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Nick Arundel

Hi my name is Nick Arundel. CEO and founder of Nick Arundel Productions


I am from the UK but now based in Dubai. My passion is in travel, landscape and street photography. In 2016 I spent fourteen months travelling around the world; during this time I visited twenty eight countries and realised how much our changing world has to offer and took some amazing photographs as I travelled from country to country.


After I finished my epic journey In 2018 I decided to call the UAE my home and since then I have set out to capture the best landscapes, cityscapes and street photography possible.


In 2020 I become a Canon brand partner and storyteller where I conduct numerous seminars and workshops throughout the UAE on travel and landscape photography. I give advice on the best tips and tricks to get the best out of your photography. 

Canon Juniors Academy is also a very exciting project I run in conjunction with Canon. The after school clubs/half term workshops are a great way of getting the young creators of the UAE interested in photography and CJA provides that platform for them to do so. I really enjoy working the fact they teach me or thing or two!!

As a passionate photographer I try to tell a story through my photography...a story of what’s not just in front of the camera but also behind it 

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